Yarn bombing!


My grandmother hates black, I don’t know why but she does. However, she was in need of a new office chair so she got one of mine, unfortunately black… She would put a cushion on the seat and “hide” it but the wheels, tough call! As any good grandchild would do I tried to fix it ๐Ÿ˜› Basically I just crocheted rectangles that I sew together around the legs, she got quite a lot of comments on that later, hehe. Could easily yarn bomb anything though to add some color, make something warmer etc. Oh I love yarn!

IKEA hack – upcycling RAST


This is IKEA’s dresser RAST, simple untreated wood ready to be made into just about anything! What I did was that I coated it first with an adhesive paint and then just painted it white. For the drawers I also decoupaged them with some nice napkins. The knobs got a pretty purple color and the whole thing got a protective coat of varnish!


Organizing your threads


I don’t even remember where I got this idea, probably Pintrest even though I can’t find the original post in that case. Anyway, this is an old box for Carcassonne that I didn’t need anymore. It’sย fortified at the bottom with some extra cardboard and then just nails up and through. They are not super stable but I’ve had this now for quite some years and they still stand nice and easy. With time I’ve kinda outgrown this box though so I’m looking to make a bigger one. Regardless, a nifty little idea to get some organizing going with all your sewing supplies ๐Ÿ™‚

Decoupage bucket


When we went down to baes brothers wedding in Switzerland a few years ago I made this decorated bucket. Brother had asked for certain Swedish things he longed for so what we gave him was lots of Santa Maria ready marinades for meat ๐Ÿ˜› However, I didn’t want them just in our suitcase so I took an old yogurt bucket to safe keep them in. Of course that looked quite boring… Some paint, napkins and mod podge later ๐Ÿ˜€ Voila!

From an old mirror to a marvel

Or maybe not quite but there is a Marvel in the picture. I had this old wooden framed mirror that we didn’t have a use for anymore but instead of throwing the whole thing out I just got rid of the glass. Painted the frame and put some wallpaper on the back and voliรก! A new wall art.


Upcycling handbag

So this is actually the first handbag I ever bought, and as you can see it has gotten a bit worn. I still haven’t found a good replacement in the same type with handles that can go up the whole arm. So, I like this one and last night I tried to fix it.

I’ve crocheted just two strips but for them not to slide around I glued them and then sew the sides together. I’m quite pleased ^_^ The yarn might not fit perfectly with the leather so next step might be to yarnbomb it a bit more!

A/N Originally posted August 23 2017