Blue Lagoon Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is waste water from a geothermal plant that provides Reykjavík with electricity. The silica and stuff are from the lava fields though I suppose. Either way, for us it was way too pricey and we never went in. Our last day though we still had to drive around that area so we did stop to look outside.

We walked around the lava fields a bit, looked at the water and then went back to the car. It was quite cold and windy and we didn’t feel like paying €80 pp for a hot bath. Hue enjoyed the scenery though 🙂


Travelling with friends

So me and bae usually go on our own adventures even though we’ve been away a few times with family as well. Our trip to Iceland with my bff and her bf though was the first time we went away with another couple. Since we had separate rooms, I wouldn’t say it was any different besides getting to choose your company (we all have that annoying aunt…)(being one myself :P) Either way, this post will be a memorial to our lovely friends, thank you for being our witnesses and joining us for this epic trip we did 😛

For one thing, to get one good photo you usually need to take like a million bad ones..

Like taking odd photos with everyone’s mouth full
Having issues figuring out where the camera actually was ^^
Me missing bf in every first shoot
Don’t know whether him in the photo improved it though..
Playing Lemmings between the tectonic plates in Thingvellir
Being photo bombed by strangers with retard cars and slime sacks
Doing supercool things like going down a lava tunnel together
And actually getting one really nice photo of all of us. Please note I’m not the one handling the selfiestick ^^

A huge plus for me as well was that I had someone to do all the planning with, bff and me sort of have the same ideas about planning, so yes it got a bit out of hand for a while but in the end we did have a really lovely time together. If I get a saw I’d have her help me with all my travel plans, regardless if she’s joining or not 😛 😀 Love you A!


Views from a car window around Iceland

Yes I know, I’m over 30, my husband is a driving instructor and I still don’t have a driving license… But it does have its advantages when on a roadtrip around, in I must say, a gorgeous country! Namely the time I can spend looking at the scenery rather than the road ^_^

We drove mostly on road 1 (go figure huh?) around the south coast of Iceland with trips up around the golden circle and also more out on the peninsula under Keflevík and that area with all the lava fields. Here is a selection of my car window photos:

Hiking at Hjörleifshöfði

We had one of them tourist maps when we drove on the south coast of Iceland and it mentioned Hjörleifshöfði as a historical site worth stopping at. We had a shortened hike at Fjaðrárgljúfur so with time so spare we took the exit for a little detour.

View from Hjörleifshöfði towards Katla

So, Hjörleifshöfði or “Hjörleifur´s Headland” is a 221 m tuff rock that was once an island, today though you are able to drive around the whole thing since the ocean has withdrawn a bit. Me and bae went straight to the parking lot, took our picnic with us and then started on the hike. We saw a few other cars and like one other couple on the hills but all far away. After being on the Golden Circle this was a quite new and nice feeling. Having a piece of the country to our selves.

Looking at the map we followed the recommendation with walking clockwise, starting with the steepest part first

We did see a few more cars pulling over (I had to stop to “look at the view and breath heavily”) but most turned and drove around the island instead of walking up upon it. We didn’t mind. The trail was clearly marked and easy to follow (in the sense you couldn’t get lost).

The views were stunning! I wish we had had this weather the other day when we went to Skaftafell National Park but this was still a lovely surprise. At the top we sat down hiding from the wind, having a cuppa before writing in the guest book and following the trail down.

Hue paying his respect to Hjörleifur Hróðmarsson, the blood brother of Ingólfur Arnarson who was the first Viking settler of Iceland in year 874
I was so cold, thought the husband was trying to be macho with not even wearing gloves but it turned out I had fever chills… It was still a really nice hike!

On the way back down we walked by where the actual different farms had been. According to history there had been three different farms on the island, some dying out of people moving away by choice and others cause of the close by active volcano…

Hue sitting in one of the ruins

Once back in the car we drove out and around the rock, checked out the cave and looked at the gorgeous beach. Don’t try to drive all the way around though unless you have a car for river crossing.

Bit cold in the water but a nice view non the less

So excited!

Too excited! ZzzZzz. I really couldn’t sleep last night and then went up an hour before my alarm this morning… I think I’m just gonna get everything ready and then nap before vi go to the airport – cause we’re going on vacation to Iceland! Woop woop!

Me and my bff have been planning this trip since new years or something. We might have gotten a bit frenzied about it, not that I’m admitting anything but you know, some people may have that view. Either way, after all the pinning, the looking, the checking, the reviews and the ok a very long process we had everything booked and paid! Finally! God, I felt poor even before we left home! But what ever.

Last night I was so excited, we had everything packed, and re-packed. I sort of felt something was missing though… A girls night! Seeing as my bff is on Ireland bae would have to step up, man up and go all in with me ^_^ (Actually, I still can’t believe he let me paint his toenails..)

So all pretty I went to bed and bae got ready for the new expansion of WoW Battle for Azeroth, seems he couldn’t sleep either. Or rather he hasn’t gone to bed yet 😛



How NOT to celebrate Oktoberfest 

This summer when I was still waiting for my vacation I looked at my calendar and found the autumn to be very long. In spring there are lots of days off and long weekends but the fall has none of that! However, I did have some extra vacation days so I’ve made some long weekends. For September I took off to visit my friend M in Munich and celebrate Oktoberfest. Upon arrival Thursday afternoon we met up at the airport and went into town. The weather was cold and rainy and needless to say I was underdressed. So with this whole drindl shopping I was like no, nope that won’t happen! It’s expensive, I’ll never wear it again, I’ll freeze to death and so on. We came home empty handed.

We did photo the horny pig though so better luck next day?

For Friday M had some classes so I had a lazy morning to myself before I went in to meet up with her. We had lunch and a stroll in Olympia park, the weather was nice so I gave in and we actually went and got me a drindl. Evening was spent at the house with a homecooked meal and lots of talking. M is a really good cook and she’s a talker too 😉

Olympia Park in Munich

Then came the day of the opening of Oktoberfest! It’s a Saturday morning and we get up before 7 am. Breakfast, getting dressed and then heading out in the 12 degrees Celsius and rain. We got together with some classmates of M’s and started for the festival area. By now we were from three continents, spoke over six different languages and the time was still not 10 am. The area wasn’t very crowded yet, we didn’t really have a good idea for which tent to go for so when we came upon a line we figured this would be as good as any.

This is when we ran out of luck and the fun stopped (should have kissed that damn pig..) We stod there in the rain and wind for 2,5 hours before we gave up. By then the line behind us was gone, we never got in to see the mayor break the barrel, we didn’t see the parade, we couldn’t get in anywhere else so we still walked around cold and wet, hungry and I must admit more and more grumpy. When we later that night talked to M’s landlord all the things we had done by mistake shouldn’t have been possible to start with, the line should have been for the front gate and not the back so we would have been able to see the parade, the tent in is self should have let people in at 12 but again maybe we where just by the wrong door and no one told us..

Anyways, we split up for a while and I got some food in me, M played some games and won a teeny tiny Nemo – all happy again we found the others who had managed to get a table outdoors but under a heater and the rain had finally stopped so all was good. Here came my second mistake though (can’t even blame bad luck on this one) – if you don’t like drunk people when you are sober either don’t go to a beer festival or don’t stay sober. I did both. Still had a good time the first couple of hours but maybe not the last. By six pm I was quite ready to do something else and I was hungry again. We did get going, my friend maybe a bit more than the tipsyness she argued and here the evening took another turn for the worse. M lost her purse. We don’t know where but the guess is in the washroom and that the one who found it felt a need for it… Besides money there was also the housekey and her passport with all visas and such. So we started looking for the purse, back where it could have been lost, at the lost&found and then also reporting the missing passport to the police. During all this we still haven’t eaten, we are tired, my friend is drunk and my people skills suck so I don’t think I’m helping much. By 10 pm we are back home, let in by the houseowner and go straight to bed. What a day!

My beer is just a photo prop – you need to at least look like you’re at a beer festival..

Last day of my trip M is still feeling a bit under the weather, both for the loss of her passport and being a bit hungover. We basically chill the whole day, go for dinner before my flight and I have a delayed but uneventful journey home. So all in all I had a nice change of air, got to see and spend time with my friend who I hadn’t seen for years and learned how not to celebrate Oktoberfest. Lessons learned:

  1. Read up on how things work before going to the festival area, don’t trust hearsay and even if there are new rules which says no umbrellas – bring a crappy one to throw away if true, otherwise just stay dry
  2. Also decide which tent to go to, have a game plan set and stick to it, don’t stand in random queues
  3. If possible don’t go the first day at all, too much hype and people
  4. or go the first day to see the parade, the festival area and just walk around, if there is room in a tent – goody have a beer!
  5. Don’t buy your drindl the day before, all tourists coming in that day are all in desperate need of one and the lines in the shops are excruciating
  6. Equip your drindl like a pro, or local – wear the warm cardigan (so worth the extra €80), the woolen knee socks and the complementary purse – that purse will be aloud in the area so no need to wear say like a wrist purse…
  7. Leave all important stuff at home, bring cash only, glue the key into your bra or something and keep identification out, no one asked to see it anyways
  8. If you hate beer 1) either don’t go to a beer festival 2) drink anyway 3) drink wine? 4) just drink ok?!
  9. It’s Oktoberfest, in September, just have fun!

End note, M got her passport and housekey back but lost her cash and purse, I still say that’s a happy ending!

A/N Originally posted September 19 2017