Some glue and pearls

work is da poop

I’ve actually finished something! In hind sight I might have chosen both another text and skipped the pink pearls but what ever. Had to use the paper glue to have time for the pearls to stick, the glue guns glue got hard too fast before I had time to fiddle the pearl in place with the tweezers.  (Originally posted in Swedish on previous blog the 25th of October 2014)

The canvas was first decoupaged with some napkins before the pearls where added. Bae still keeps this in his bookcase, don’t ask me why but love must be blind 😛 I still agree with my first note about changing content and colors ^^ The quote by the way is something the orcs say in Warcraft II.


Buttons buttons buttons


I love all these different buttons! I had really fun buying them on Ebay for close to nothing as well 😛 Here I’ve taken another of those cheap mirrors from IKEA, painted it (they only come in black or white) and glued on buttons. Just make sure you keep the mirror right side up, I had to make a new hole in the back for hanging, if you have buttons ” a right way” that is ^_^

With some mod podge and a glue gun


In our last apartment our bathroom ceiling lamp was very bright and rather boring so with some mod podge and napkins we got some butterflies up there instead! Of course complemented with a butterfly shower curtain ^_^


Thing with this was that we needed a 220 cm shower curtain for it to reach the floor from the rod and all curtains in Sweden are apparently 200 cm, ergo I got two cheap ones and with my glue gun I made one the right length.

Easy and quick gifts


The mirrors are from IKEA, cost like €2, they might have been on sale though. And then it was just gluing away! These I made for my niece and nephew in a hurry when I was told they where visiting, you can’t go see your auntie without getting something right?! I didn’t even burn my fingers that much in the glue ^_^