Christmas stockings

So this Christmas I’m making something small for friends and family – Christmas stockings, in mini format. I found this really great pattern, simple pretty and easy to learn (even though I recommend watching her video of the heel, big help!). Erica made them into a calendar but I gave them mostly as gifts.

So much fun making different patterns and using different colors

I went and got the “filling” and set about assembling the little socks for my family. In each stocking I included:

A candy cane
Two soft fudge
One scratch lottery ticket
One coin, to scratch with


The stocking was actually rather full after that 😛 Either way, it was a nice little party gift and my friends and family thought it was a really fun idea. Since I had made different styles everyone got to choose their favorite (except for mom, she stole an extra^^).

A little basket of joy

Egg hats

egg hats.JPG

I started crocheting in the rounds and when it was big enough the fit the egg I made “ears” on the sides and a string to tie under “the chin”. We still have these in the cabin and I think my mother-in-law brings them out every Easter as well to warm the little fellas.

Yarn bombing!


My grandmother hates black, I don’t know why but she does. However, she was in need of a new office chair so she got one of mine, unfortunately black… She would put a cushion on the seat and “hide” it but the wheels, tough call! As any good grandchild would do I tried to fix it 😛 Basically I just crocheted rectangles that I sew together around the legs, she got quite a lot of comments on that later, hehe. Could easily yarn bomb anything though to add some color, make something warmer etc. Oh I love yarn!

Keep track of your yarn!


When I start using a new skein I always remove the wrapping, you know it’s in the way otherwise.. But then if I need to buy more or wash it I can never find the right wrapping again, so frustrating! So to organize and keep track of my yarn I simple cut a string of it and tape together with the wrapping, that way I can search for the yarn in my little folder and see exactly which skein it belonged to!

Crochet leg warmers


My mom sent me loads of her left over yarn some years ago so I’ve been doing projects with these ever since. Here are some leg warmers I made that can be opened in the side with the buttons so you don’t have to remove your shoes to get them off. The downside is that the side becomes rather stiff so you can’t scrunch them up like but need to have them full length, which works too of course, they are rather pretty! I haven’t used a pattern for these, it just goes in rows and measured after my leg as I went.

Crochet your own pokémon


So for christmas one year I made this pokémon for bae, it’s done complete on free hand so there is no pattern. And of course each pokémon needs its own card and attacks 😛 Say hello to Cuddles, the cuddly pokémon!

Amigurumi Baby Brachiosaurus

This was quite a nice, simple pattern actually, of course my amigurumis always look a little special but I think this one got quite cute. Thank you Jana for the pattern!


Crochet Amigurumi Owls


So I finished another owl today, think I liked my second try better but it’s still good fun to make them so might make even more! If not this exact pattern so definitely more owls ^_^ Link to free pattern here.