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Anime Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

Yeah so I thought I had found a food anime. Boy was I fooled! I really can’t stop watching though even if I’m not that fond of those kind of titties.


So my review of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma is that I want to see more 😀 I need to see more and I never want to try what ever Soma makes in his disgusting contest. If you need something easy, fun and slightly erotic or is just food interested this anime is for you!

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Crochet: Hexagons in a heart shape

So I’ve been working on a blanket crocheting African Flowers (the pain to fasten off all the threads!!) and got the brilliant idea to make the middle of the blanket a heart. Made a skiss and everything:

See, easy peasy 🙂

NO! It’s not seeing as the granny square I chose isn’t a square but a hexagon! And hexagons don’t act the same way as a square, doh!

I can’t get the shape right

I don’t know how to attach them so that I get a tip at the bottom, I’m even thinking of sewing them together rather than crochet them just to see if I can manipulate the shape any. Or just make them into squares, I tried a pattern to do so but not successfully… Maybe I will have given up by the time I have enough flowers anyways and just assemble it all. Unless anyone has a better idea?

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Binge anime, with update

So just home from work, chores where done this morning so I should be able to get in at least six hours of anime before bedtime! Seems like it could be almost the whole season of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou..


Update at bedtime: I ended up watching just one episode of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou so instead I saw a bit of Classroom of the Elite and the whole of The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi – I did not really like that one, not the format or the story, but I thought I would seeing as I like BL :/ However, I did come across one that I quite like – Gamers! It’s quite stereotypical and all but still cute ^_^ and the discussions whether to play for fun or play to get good, I can relate to that! Especially since I usually plays for neither – I like the company and the community sort of the best! My ten years gaming (mostly MUD and vanilla WoW) was pretty much only for the friends I had playing the same, and maybe a crush here and there… It wasn’t that much the game in itself but the setting where we would hang out between classes, talk about strategies and character build and what ever. We would stay late after school, be there on all weekends and breaks (this was before people had Internet at home) and generally have a good time. I don’t miss being a teenager what with all those hormones and what not but I quite miss the simplicity of life – where the next big issue was the upcoming test or whether you would get your allowance or not. I think that’s why I don’t really game anymore, if I have to do it alone it’s not as fun, but I suck too much to play with bae and other serious players.

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Anime Usagi drop

Well, I has just about to review this anime after finishing watching it today but then I came across one that pretty much says it all so I figured I’d just share that one ^_^ I need to find more of this ‘slice of life’ animes!

Well, it certainly took a while for me to get this done today. Between AT&T accidentally closing my repair ticket, not being able to schedule a new one until sometime next week, and running on about two hours sleep, I am seriously lagging behind. Oh, yeah, I still don’t have an internet. Fortunately, a good […]

via Monday Anime: Usagi Drop — Cain S. Latrani

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Out on deep water

So, got the brilliant idea to re-read some of my favorite fanfictions… Yeah, even I realise this is like a super-duper stupid idea! Like I haven’t spent enough time on them already ^^ But there you have it, some I barely remember while others come back to memory straight away and with it a smile. Ok, maybe the idea isn’t that bad seeing as I would only read good fanfiction and I can even skip the parts I already know and just read the juicy bits 😛


Main fanfiction on my list is of course Harry Potter but I usually try to find some new ones after I finish an anime I liked too (but I must have seen the whole anime to not get any spoilers, that can be a bit annoying sometimes if I get a great ship early..). Read quite a bit of Kuroko no Basket and other sports anime, some Chihayafuru, Ore Monogatari!! and Orange. Not all is to satisfy my inner fujoshi either some can be other couplings like Harry and Hermione or Hermione and Draco (I’m not a Ron fan and even Rowling has admitted that Ron and Hermione is a bad pairing). Most are romance I must admit but some are PG approved, like Harry Crow by robst – now that is a great alternative to canon!

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Yet another anime

My plan today was to clean the apartment so I found this new anime right 😀 Tsurezure Children, after 8 episodes I still can’t say what its about.. It’s just snippets of relationships. The episodes are short and jumps between quite a few stories. I’m guessing it’s a genre I haven’t seen before and I can’t say I like it – they aren’t giving me enough time to get to know the characters and to feel anything for them!

Just me that thinks the dating master is a bit gay?? No offence.
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Upcycling handbag

So this is actually the first handbag I ever bought, and as you can see it has gotten a bit worn. I still haven’t found a good replacement in the same type with handles that can go up the whole arm. So, I like this one and last night I tried to fix it. 

I’ve crocheted just two strips but for them not to slide around I glued them and then sew the sides together. I’m quite pleased ^_^ The yarn might not fit perfectly with the leather so next step might be to yarnbomb it a bit more!