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Crochet baby booties

So a friend of mine is having a baby in January but I figured I’d better do a project now if I’m to be ready. However, I found a quite nice pattern and these only took me like two and a half hours to make 🙂 As per usual, my work looks nothing like the original but it’s the thought that counts right?! Also unsure if they are baby or toddler booties… Thank you Lacy Crochet for the pattern!

Baby booties
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Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

I don’t really understand why I keep re-watching series when there are so many out there that I haven’t seen yet! But that’s just life I suppose. Latest to be re-watched is Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, or Wolf Girl & Black Prince as the English title. It got me thinking about relationships and especially the notion of that a relationship should be like. Should be being the key word here, according to whom? I know I’m just like Erika, growing up with American movies and soap operas I definitely have a twisted view of how I should feel, how we should act, what we should do etcetera when we’re in a relationship. Needless to say my boyfriends been as impressed as Sata-kun ^^

Many might argue that as girls we are fed the fairy tales where the knight in shining armor comes to the rescue and that gives us the expectation that really we don’t need to do anything – just wait and he will come whisk you away and there will be a happy ending. Or something. And I guess the American high school movies build upon that too – go around as your nerdy you, some mister popular will loose a bet and make you his homecoming queen and you’ll live happily ever after. And this would then be the reason to why we have notions of how things should be so that you will have your happy ending. Do these things and happiness will follow. Erika thinks they need to see the flowers, feed each other and hold hands – cause that how it is done, that is how your are happy together! While Sata-kun would rather hang out at home and watch a movie (I totally agree (and I think Erika will too when she discovers making out..)) but that is never shown in movies…

I must say I’m starting to like these Japanese animes, they seem more real and down to earth. Well, of course not all ^^ but many of the shoujo stories doesn’t end with a ‘happily ever after’ and even though I find that annoying I still think it’s nice. Either you leave it at that, the story was just a snapshot of their lives and move on. Or you continue on to the fanfictions sites and have your fill 😀 Regardless, the story in it self isn’t giving you the idea that it’s over after they find each other, there are more stories after. And that’s my point here – just because you get your love the story doesn’t end, it’s merely the beginning!

Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji

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Vacation 2017

Guess a few lines about our trip this year are in order. We went a week to Playa del Inglés on Gran Canaria with TUI and stayed at the Gold by Marina hotel. Weather was nice, like 34°C and sunshine everyday, quite windy though which was great! I think we basically did three things – we ate, we slept and we sunbathed by the pool. We did go for a few walks on the beach and joined on a TUI trip to a aloe vera farm, olive garden and some apartment cut from the mountain. Can’t say we were impressed by that though; mostly bus, here look at this and please buy this too and then home again. I could have told you that from the start but bae wanted to see the cave village, just too bad is was a disappointment. We did like the hotel though! Clean, adults only, tasty drinks and good food, two pools and a hot tub. We approve.

All in all it was a nice holiday and what more is I didn’t get a single sunburn! Woop woop! So grown up 😀 We used sunblock 30 the whole week and lay in the shade, ok I’m not that tanned but when am I ever?? At least I have no water blisters ^^


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Coming together

Apartment is finally coming together! We got the couch the other day and the Billy bookshelves got their doors, shelves are on the wall, same as pictures and our new Displate art! I’m feeling really happy about this place ^_^

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Igår var mamma och mormor på besök, båda blev jätteförtjusta i lägenheten så kul att den klarade inspektion ^_^ Tur det eftersom de kom för att hjälpa till och organisera upp lite! Mamma tog itu med köket och flyttade runt på prylar och mjöl, stoppade i byttor etc till det blev riktigt bra! Har gått om utrymme kvar dessutom. Under tiden fick mormor hjälpa mig att tona håret 🙂 Valde en lite för mörk färg dock tror, ser lite emo ut nu 😛 Vädret var härligt så vi avslutade med att gå en promenad ner till stan och ta en fika vid ån.

Så idag fick vi upp hyllor på väggen äntligen, men eh vi hade kanske inte riktigt så många som vi trodde… Antar det finns plats för fler helt enkelt!


Så nu väntar vi på soffan, ska montera på dörrar på bokhyllorna, få upp tavlorna vi beställt och sen kan mamma komma och raida runt i klädkammaren också. Snart klar! Eller nåt 🙂

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New shoujo anime

Started watching a new shoujo anime today: Ore Monogatari!!, a serie about a guy and his first girlfriend and friend. It’s really sweet! One scene I was laughing so hard even bae came out of his cave to see what I was doing 😀

Two things about it:

  1. Sunakawa and Taichi Mashima looks almost the same! I wonder if it’s the same artist? It half bothers me while watching but I guess that’s cause I miss Taichi…

2. I’m half shipping Suna and Takeo, I mean don’t you think there could be more than a bromance going on there? Unrequited love. I think I’ve watched too much BL ^^

Oh, well, bedtime but I’m sure to watch the end tomorrow! Night folks!

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Still just in the middle of the first season of Ace of Dimond but I’m starting to doubt I will watch it til the end since the main character Sawamura really annoys me! He is just too much, little brat! However, I am starting to crush a little on Miyuki! If he was like a decade or two older.. He’s hot. Sawamura can be cute too sometimes so I guess I’ll watch for a while longer and hope for some shipping moments ^_^ Who said watching sport animes had anything to do with sports?! I wonder what I’ll get if I google Miyusawa…

But I remember being like this at the start of Kuroko no Basket too.. Still watched all those seasons, read loads of fanfic ^^ Ah, if Miyuki and Sawamura could be like Kuroko and Kagami ❤