Non ID identification

I was thinking, when I’m out for a walk or a run I usually don’t bring my wallet so I don’t wear any identification on me. Say then that I’m in an accident and rendered unconscious – how will they find out who I am?

Then I got this idea – lost dogs and cats are often found wearing these little tags on their collars, well I don’t wear a collar but I do use the same shoes when I’m out so tada! ID tag on shoes! God, I feel so smart! I put my name, address and my husband’s name and phone number in there so if something happens they can know who I am and they can get in touch with my emergency contact ^_^ Didn’t cost more than 15 SEK either!

Hue the Flamingo

Before our trip to Iceland I wanted to get a mascot cause I usually take lots of nice landscape photos that I find really boring to look at once I’m home… So meet Hue, our flamingo. I don’t know what’s it with me and flamingos or why they are popular in general at the moment but either way, we got Hue.

Hue at the Diamond Beach by Jökulsárlón glacier

His name is pronounced after the sound it looks like he’s making – huh? So bit like a pokémon. Anyway, Hue likes adventures, nice afternoons with a cup of tea in the nest (a.k.a the couch) or just hanging around in the bookshelf with the whiskeys.

Needless to say that on our travels through the south of Iceland we had some photo opportunities. Hue is in a lot of them. So many in fact I got him his own Instagram account to not flood my own.

Hues tosie wosies by the hot spring river in Reykjadalur

Therefore when I go about writing my diary for our trip you will definitely come across a little pink fluffy flamingo and that’s Hue!

My wedding day

I can’t believe I’m married! To bae of all people 😛 When we met 12 years ago, when we became a couple 6 years ago, when we went to Iceland and exchanged rings… Hihi, I’m a Mrs. now ^_^

The engravings says “Finally” “Yours” in mine and “Forever” in his

Sweden and Iceland are close in terms of alliances so we didn’t need any extra legal documents than whats required in Sweden to get married in Reykjavík. Which is a major reason til why we chose that venue. It’s been a bit of planning of course, getting the paperwork stating we were unmarried, over 18 and not related. Finding a ring and dress. Getting a date! Booking the trip and asking my bff and her bf to be our witnesses.

And then the day arrived! I must admit I was quite nervous. The whole ceremony then took less than 3 minutes, including exchanging rings. I still found time to get emotional and start crying in this time…

Just married!

We then went to Bonus, like an Icelandic Lidl, got some snacks and ate our wedding lunch in the backseat of our rental car there in the parking lot. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! One reason for not getting married at home was to skip all the fuss. And if I ever change my mind we can just re-do it, with a big ceremony, friends, family etc. No biggie.


That was pretty much it though. We started our roadtrip. We did go out for a nicer dinner which was good. But me and bae had already planned on having our wedding night and all that the last days of our vacation after bff+bf had gone home. The time line didn’t feel important only the content. We did take some photos before we got out of our attire though.


Wedding dinner no. 1

After we got back to the cabin we had some cava and a game of yatzy. Bff and her bf had never played yatzy before, like mind blowing! Anyway, we taught them.


So after a really long drive the day bff with bf went home we put on our wedding clothes again and went for probably my most expensive dinner ever (everything in Iceland is expensive). But it was probably the most tasty lamb I’ve ever had as well so ^_^

Lamb meat, rawr

One other detail though that was quite special about the day was when we called all the mothers – grandmother was like shouting straight out how happy she was, my mom got a bit confunded before she understood. My mother-in-law also took some convincing at first. We said we had done something for us unique and she was like “Did you get engaged?” to which we answered, yes, 2 years ago… Hehe, anyway that was really fun to call them and tell them we were married 🙂

Crochet African Flower blanket

Alright, so I’m noticing that my pattern of African Flowers today isn’t the same as what I’ve used on the ones made a year ago… I might just have added something on my own, or I read a new pattern and thought I’ve made that before, I don’t know. However, all my flowers aren’t the same which makes assembling them a bit tricky and also making half flowers for the edges turning out not to be the easiest.


Plan then was to post the pattern here so I can find the one I’ve used the most if I abandon the blanket again and won’t start over until next year. So the pattern is taken straight from Craft Passion but I’ve pasted it into here so I can’t lose it in case the other page disappear. What I didn’t do a year ago was on rnd 5 mostly where I had just put dc’s around the whole flower with no ch inbetween the petals.

Base Round – sl knot, ch 6, ss into first ch to make a ring. – I start with a magic circle though.
Rnd 1 – ch 3, 1 dc, ch1, *2 dc, ch1, * repeat until you have six spaces and six 2dc. ss to the 3rd chain of the beginning round. fo
Rnd 2 – Change color: Start in a space. ch 5, 2 dc in same space, *ch1, 2 dc, ch2, 2 dc in next space – repeat * 5 times, 1 dc and ss into the 3rd ch of the beginning round. – I also do a ss around the 5ch from the previous round before doing:
Rnd 3 – ch3, dc6 in the 2-ch space, ch1, * dc7 in next 2-ch space, ch1, repeat * 5 times. ss the 3rd ch of the beginning round. fo.
Rnd 4 – New color: ch1, sc around and make a long stitch down in round 2 between each flower petal. End with ss. fo.
Rnd 5 – White (I use various colors): ch3, 3 dc, ch1, *dc 1 in the same st as last dc, dc 3, ch1 (skip long stitch of the previous round), 4 dc, ch1, repeat 5 times, dc 1 in the same st as last dc, dc 3 ch1, ss to the 3rd ch from the beginning round. [Note: ch1 in bold should be at the center of the flower petal, this is the corner of the hexagon]
To join to the adjacent African Flower hexagon block, insert the hook to the matching ch stitch of another hexagon and do a ss instead of ch. – I couldn’t figure this bit out so I have been sewing my flowers together…


This is how far I’ve come since my last update, I kinda think you can see the heart actually? A lot more is to be sewn on but I might have found a new motivation to finish this project, let’s just say I have a loved one in mind…

Book review – utterly disapointed

At work we have a library almost, one of my colleagues have to many books at home I think so she brings some of them (say like 200-300 of them) to work. Most are in Swedish and most are detective stories but I found this author I recognized and then went on spending the weekend like this:

The book I’ve read is “This charming man” by Marian Keyes, if you plan on reading this book stop reading this post here cause I’ve telling the lot of what’s about.


I feel so betrayed! I was sure it was a chicfic, you know some hardship but then romance and a happy ending. Irish Bridget Jones kinda thing. Thinking back it must have been like 15 years since I read anything of Keyes but I still thought it would be a romance, and a funny one. Instead what did I get? Abuse! Rape! Heartbreak (that one was ok, many a romance start that way) Misery! Cheating, alcoholism and politics.

Review: the book features four women and their reaction to one mans engagement announcement. You can guess they have all been involved with said man. In between shifts of characters in the book there are little snippets of rape and abuse. Mood killer I tell you! Somehow the story quite hooks you tho, I’ve done nothing else but read these 900 pages this weekend (easy read so don’t fret over the page numbers). But I haven’t liked it! Bae keeps asking how the book is when he passes by and I keep answering still crap. He laughs and wonder why I keep reading. Have to know how it ends I say. Bae shakes his head and leaves me to it. (First weekend with crappy weather btw so sort of entitled to be in nest and binge read) (just saying).

I don’t know why the reviews on the front page says its funny, I half giggled once I think. And I’ve lived in Ireland (for a semester), I’m in my mid thirties, I should have had some of that recognize sort of embarrassed humor. Nope. Didn’t do it for me. They where all so sad, bad things kept happening and SPOILER ALERT the bad guy doesn’t get punished in the end! Not even the four women gets a happy ending, happily ever after sunset you know the drill kind.

And what’s more, I still want my romance! I still want my embarrassed giggle with a bit of fluttering in my tummy – no other thing for it, fanfiction – you got your hooks in me again!

A/N Was planned to be posted July 30 2018

My own cookbook

They say that the average family cooks like 10-15 different dishes, or as little as 7 different ones if you have picky children. I was a bit appalled and like “I cook way more than that!” Haha, yeah right! Or rather, I do have more different things that I cook but not regularly. Mostly if you open my freezer you will find some pies, beef stroganoff,  bolognese and something with chicken, like a wok. Tada! Not even up in 15 there haha.

So of course I have a board on Pintrest with recipes, who doesn’t?!  And I do have a tablet and a stand for the tablet (IKEA ^^) but I don’t know, call me old fashioned but I prefer a proper book in paper when I cook! I guess it could have something to do with greasy fingers but who knows. Anyways, I have had an old notebook with jotted down recipes for ages but half of them I didn’t make anymore and the other I didn’t like – aka perfect time to make a new one!

I visited grandma to go through her old Allers magazines and cut out lots of nice looking pictures, these I brought home and decoupaged onto a normal black boring notebook. What I did want the notebook to have though that my old one didn’t was tear off pages, so if a page gets too much grease on it or I don’t like the recipe I’ll just tear it out!

I glued the pictures in just a random pattern but then I got this plastic that we always used on school books when I was a child, I guess you can find it in any bookstore, and dressed the book in that. So now at least I can wipe the cover if I put it somewhere sticky. Here again the tablet stand works perfectly ^_^


So now I either write down tasty recipes, cut out from magazines or print if I’m lazy and then just add them to my own little cookbook! Maybe though I shouldn’t have chosen only pictures of deserts now that I’m trying to have a more healthy lifestyle 😛 Oh well!

A/N Originally posted July 22 2018

More earrings

So, remember me saying I had all these earrings hooks from eBay? I got loads left of those anyway! So not just crocheting I got these tiny Hama beads from Panduro and made some pegboards (are they called that?) of some cutsie patterns. Basically you can choose any pattern that sits together, cause the beads needs to be adjacent when you melt them. I either search for pegboards or cross-stitching on Pintrest and find loads of cute ideas. Here are two of them!

Parrots and Christmas trees

Ending up making a shape shifting druid for Pathfinder so wore my parrots when we played the other day. I might try and make some kestrels for next time to be more accurate but to find a small enough pattern 😛

A/N Originally posted July 15 2018 

Crochet bunny


So after some practice I actually got a bunny who looks like a bunny! This little one was given to bae’s sisters newborn Nils, even though he’s not that little anymore (almost 1,5 yrs now) he still keeps his little bunny with him! Click the link for free pattern.

A/N Originally posted June 27 2018

Crochet earrings + gift wrapping

I bought cheap earring hooks on eBay so I experimented a bit with different patterns to make these little projects. The flowers I left as they were but I wanted the star pointy so I stretched those soaked in glue and that worked! They are quite stiff but still hang nicely on your ear. Click on the links to get the pattern, they are in American English and a free pattern.

This heart pattern also turned out nicely so I made more of those. These little trinkets also make great gifts! For mum’s birthday I decoupaged a toilet roll as packaging:

I didn’t want them squashed so it seemed like a good idea, got a laugh out of mum anyways 😛

A/N Originally posted June 25 2018