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New character

I’ve played Pathfinder a couple of times now with some old friends and my sorceress is doing fairly ok (except for well entering a room and then getting the whole party wiped and the mission failed). She didn’t die though, two summoned eagles carried her away.


However, I always have a hard time matching my schedule with the rest so I would like to make a character that can come and go into the main campaign. Last time now the GM did a special side quest for me and some of the others made new characters to join but I feel it would be better to just play with the others.

So how can I do this? My first idea was to have a shape shifting druid that could become a bird or something and then join or disappear as needed? I would probably make that char an elf, say like 120 years old. Question then was what story to use for the coming and going. I was into something like divination, something holy, that my char joined this group of adventures when my deity wanted them to do or succeed in something special, for the great good. Or if a more neutral druid being interested in some sort of world balance hence killing the trolls…

Or if instead having a fetchling summoner that char could have her own little agenda or again some sort of devotion to a deity and having divine reasons for helping. I quite liked the fetchling and the shadow walking but I still quite like the being a bird idea. I also liked the idea of a shifter instead of a druid. So you see, I’m not really making any new characters here however I’m getting a headache from trying all different angles and figuring out the backstory before I start rolling the char itself. Cause then all the decision making comes along with which skills, spells, etc to choose!!


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