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This healthy business

Update on my health journey. I think it’s like when I run – you could easily walk past me… I think that’s my pace at the moment.


Problem seems to be the new routines, they’re not really routines yet but more like nice little guest plays in my every day life. I will however blame this tummy ache for not a single workout this week! But I can’t really blame the lack of evening routine on that, or not exfoliating or not eating the bestest. Even if that was mostly yesterday when me and bae watched Netflix, had a nice wine and binged sweets… Hey it was Friday 😛

Hopefully I feel full of energy this weekend though cause I have lots I wanna do and then next weekend we are going to the cabin and for the first time mom and grandma is joining! That’ll be something! I’ve been wanting to show them this piece of paradise for quite some time so I really hope they will like it ^_^

A little piece of heaven 



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