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New healthier me

Yeah, so making a new try to dust of the blog. Plan is to share more of the recipies that I’ll be eating now that I’ve sort of decided to not go for the 16:8 fast (it’s like the 5:2 diet but per day instead of week, so you fast for 16 hours and then eat normally the other 8 hours). I just don’t want to go bananas and eat the whole world you know so I’ve downloaded the app Lifesums to count calories, just to control myself and see if I overeat or not. At the moment I still have the free version but I’m looking at the premium cause then I can sync with my Fitbit and also you can change the diet to something more like low carb and set the percentage how ever you want on carbs, protein and fat.

I sound so decisive now don’t I? 😛 I know I change my mind a lot though so it won’t get any better than this ^^

Never done

Alright, so what’s the gameplan? Right, I still want to stay away from unnecessary sugar so no sweets bonanza but I will eat more berries and also like sweeten my yoghurt with a teaspoon of jam and such. I won’t go for any low fat products either, fat tastes better and usually there will be less additives when the fat is left in the original product. I’ll still eat loads of meat eventhough they say that’s unhealty for you – I still got a moose in the freezer. Lots of stews left on that one.

The goal to have a physical activity every day also still stands, even if it’s only a 3 km walk. The overall goal to have 300 sugarfree days is also still on, not so sure how I’m doing on that one though… What other goals did I set for the year? Oh right, getting my driving license, hehe yeah still on, still going slow. In both senses of the word 😀

So breakfast this morning was a chia pudding, I think I’ll want to up the amount of seeds in it though cause I quite like it firm you know. This also tastes a lot like rice pudding like you would have for christmas, yummy!

dorky chia pudding
150 g of whole milk
50 g of cream 40 %
25 g of chia seeds – I will up this til 30 g tonight though and see if it gets firmer
Some grounded vanilla and cinnamon

I usually stir for the first like 10 min to really get the seeds even in the jar. I want to find a better way than this though, maybe use the mixer?



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