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Good girl

I’ve been such a good girl this weekend I just have to brag 😀 I can’t even remember when I got this much done. This weekend I have:

  • practiced driving, twice! But quite short..
  • baked a cake
  • cooked two stews in the crockpot, made a chicken wok, lovely pancakes and tacos – made these into lunchboxes and done, most, of the dishes
  • cleaned the bathroom including both the washing machine and the shower drain
  • bae and me have cleaned the rest of the apartment
  • we had company over for dinner
  • phoned bff, mum and grandma
  • crocheted an amigurumi
  • taken a exercise class
  • pumped my bike tires
  • done the laundry and put it away
  • made the bed
  • done the weekly shopping
  • updated the blog
  • finished watching my animes

and maybe something more but I get exhausted from just writing these. If this is what I need to do to feel accomplished, I understand why I feel so inadequate all the time… There really is no wonder why I got burned out ^^ But for now I’ll just live on this short but lovely high ^_^ and slowly die on the couch…



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