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Anime update

The last couple of weeks I haven’t really started watching any new animes, it’s been too much else going on with trips, Farmor’s funeral, work etc. Instead I’ve gone back to basics – Harry Potter fanfiction, now that’s my safe place. However I did want to catch up so last night I viewed all the latest episodes of my shows:

Boku no Hero Academia 2nd season
Tsurezure Children
Classroom of the Elite

One thing that struck me though was that I don’t like watching several different animes at the same time. I mean when I cruise for a new one, yeah sure, but last night no. Not having watched for a while I first had to get into the story again (I think I even had to go back an episode at one time to figure out the plot), remembering what I thought about it and all. Then when getting into it all again – it was finished. Not just the 2-3 episodes but the whole season – I felt robed! Usually I’d have a whole evening with one anime, it’d get nice and cozy you know. Not it was just over. AND that happened four times in a row! I was NOT pleased. That might have something to do with the unfinished plot lines too, I mean just cause the season is over the story is not. Maybe I will have to get the manga or there will be more seasons, we’ll see.

Me and bae are still watching Bleach though, now we are on season 4 and I really don’t like this story arc – I almost want to skip it but then I’m afraid I’ll miss a detail that will be referenced in the future – aarrgghh! We have less Bleach dates cause of this even…

I always get the outro song on my head though.. 

I will start watching more animes shortly I’m sure, Food Wars! season 3 premieres in just a couple of days, woop woop! But for now I’m happy with my fanfic and also some crochet actually. I’m not a dorky diva for nothing!

Mmm, Drarry ❤



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