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Manga ‘A silent voice’

So not only have I started watching anime but I figured I should also give manga a try. However, if I hadn’t watched the x hours of anime first, even anime about manga, I don’t think I’d get much out of it. Last comic book I read was probably Bamse some time in the 90s so manga seemed a bit daunting at first hence the choice of one I knew there was an anime to that I’ve still to see. So if I’d just sit there and like whaaaat I could still get the story. Foolproof plan really. And it was! I’ve read the first two volumes and I like them! It’s a nice story, I think I can read the expressions to determine the mood and stuff even if I’m still a bit miffed about sounds in the background but I’ll get there. More info about the story can be found on MAL.


First two volumes – guess what I’m getting myself for christmas??




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