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Crochet: Hexagons in a heart shape

So I’ve been working on a blanket crocheting African Flowers (the pain to fasten off all the threads!!) and got the brilliant idea to make the middle of the blanket a heart. Made a skiss and everything:

See, easy peasy 🙂

NO! It’s not seeing as the granny square I chose isn’t a square but a hexagon! And hexagons don’t act the same way as a square, doh!

I can’t get the shape right

I don’t know how to attach them so that I get a tip at the bottom, I’m even thinking of sewing them together rather than crochet them just to see if I can manipulate the shape any. Or just make them into squares, I tried a pattern to do so but not successfully… Maybe I will have given up by the time I have enough flowers anyways and just assemble it all. Unless anyone has a better idea?


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