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Out on deep water

So, got the brilliant idea to re-read some of my favorite fanfictions… Yeah, even I realise this is like a super-duper stupid idea! Like I haven’t spent enough time on them already ^^ But there you have it, some I barely remember while others come back to memory straight away and with it a smile. Ok, maybe the idea isn’t that bad seeing as I would only read good fanfiction and I can even skip the parts I already know and just read the juicy bits 😛


Main fanfiction on my list is of course Harry Potter but I usually try to find some new ones after I finish an anime I liked too (but I must have seen the whole anime to not get any spoilers, that can be a bit annoying sometimes if I get a great ship early..). Read quite a bit of Kuroko no Basket and other sports anime, some Chihayafuru, Ore Monogatari!! and Orange. Not all is to satisfy my inner fujoshi either some can be other couplings like Harry and Hermione or Hermione and Draco (I’m not a Ron fan and even Rowling has admitted that Ron and Hermione is a bad pairing). Most are romance I must admit but some are PG approved, like Harry Crow by robst – now that is a great alternative to canon!


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