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Anime Orange

So yesterday I was skimming though new animes, just watching an episode here and there but then this one got me hooked, Orange – I just had to know how it ended! Being Japanese meaning it wouldn’t necessarily be a happy one. The story revolves around a group of friends regretting not noticing a friend in distress who then choose to commit suicide. This hit home quite well with me seeing as I’m battling a depression of my own and have nurtured a few of these thought myself.  However, the show goes on, I hate their explanation about black holes ^^, and without spoiling too much I must say I liked it. I still don’t know though if I want to delve on the subject matter so I’m just gonna recommend it.

The moment, just had to take a screenshot here

5 thoughts on “Anime Orange

  1. The time travel aspect in this (or sending letter aspect) really doesn’t work. The story otherwise is okay and it does touch on some fairly important issues, but I really didn’t connect with that characters enough for this one to really work for me.


  2. I wasn’t too thrilled with this anime per say, but hope you are getting the help out there for your depression. And hope you over come it.


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