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Vacation 2017

Guess a few lines about our trip this year are in order. We went a week to Playa del Inglés on Gran Canaria with TUI and stayed at the Gold by Marina hotel. Weather was nice, like 34°C and sunshine everyday, quite windy though which was great! I think we basically did three things – we ate, we slept and we sunbathed by the pool. We did go for a few walks on the beach and joined on a TUI trip to a aloe vera farm, olive garden and some apartment cut from the mountain. Can’t say we were impressed by that though; mostly bus, here look at this and please buy this too and then home again. I could have told you that from the start but bae wanted to see the cave village, just too bad is was a disappointment. We did like the hotel though! Clean, adults only, tasty drinks and good food, two pools and a hot tub. We approve.

All in all it was a nice holiday and what more is I didn’t get a single sunburn! Woop woop! So grown up 😀 We used sunblock 30 the whole week and lay in the shade, ok I’m not that tanned but when am I ever?? At least I have no water blisters ^^



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