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Igår var mamma och mormor på besök, båda blev jätteförtjusta i lägenheten så kul att den klarade inspektion ^_^ Tur det eftersom de kom för att hjälpa till och organisera upp lite! Mamma tog itu med köket och flyttade runt på prylar och mjöl, stoppade i byttor etc till det blev riktigt bra! Har gått om utrymme kvar dessutom. Under tiden fick mormor hjälpa mig att tona håret 🙂 Valde en lite för mörk färg dock tror, ser lite emo ut nu 😛 Vädret var härligt så vi avslutade med att gå en promenad ner till stan och ta en fika vid ån.

Så idag fick vi upp hyllor på väggen äntligen, men eh vi hade kanske inte riktigt så många som vi trodde… Antar det finns plats för fler helt enkelt!


Så nu väntar vi på soffan, ska montera på dörrar på bokhyllorna, få upp tavlorna vi beställt och sen kan mamma komma och raida runt i klädkammaren också. Snart klar! Eller nåt 🙂

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New shoujo anime

Started watching a new shoujo anime today: Ore Monogatari!!, a serie about a guy and his first girlfriend and friend. It’s really sweet! One scene I was laughing so hard even bae came out of his cave to see what I was doing 😀

Two things about it:

  1. Sunakawa and Taichi Mashima looks almost the same! I wonder if it’s the same artist? It half bothers me while watching but I guess that’s cause I miss Taichi…

2. I’m half shipping Suna and Takeo, I mean don’t you think there could be more than a bromance going on there? Unrequited love. I think I’ve watched too much BL ^^

Oh, well, bedtime but I’m sure to watch the end tomorrow! Night folks!

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Still just in the middle of the first season of Ace of Dimond but I’m starting to doubt I will watch it til the end since the main character Sawamura really annoys me! He is just too much, little brat! However, I am starting to crush a little on Miyuki! If he was like a decade or two older.. He’s hot. Sawamura can be cute too sometimes so I guess I’ll watch for a while longer and hope for some shipping moments ^_^ Who said watching sport animes had anything to do with sports?! I wonder what I’ll get if I google Miyusawa…

But I remember being like this at the start of Kuroko no Basket too.. Still watched all those seasons, read loads of fanfic ^^ Ah, if Miyuki and Sawamura could be like Kuroko and Kagami ❤


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Black and yellow

Now I’ve thought more about it, read more about the houses and I’m so a Hufflepuff. I don’t know why I ever doubted it. Had to redo the Patronus charm though and got a vole this time, I guess that’s ok too.

Did the sorting for Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and got into Pukwudgie, that also feels nice. House of healers, guess what I’ve played most in WoW ^_^

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This weekend I went to a Harry Potter convent the Föreningen Magi had arranged. I didn’t dare to go on the whole thing on my own so I just went to the dinner on Saturday night. What I didn’t really expect was the level of nerdness there 😀 These were people who knew such details about the books and movies – I was flabbergast! I mean, sure I’ve seen the movies and reread the books but still, nowhere near. I’ve mostly read BL stories on, didn’t really say that out load though… All in all it was a nice night! My table even won the quiz!

H vs R.jpg
Hufflepuff vs Ravenclaw

However, I think most of the people there where Huffelpuffs, same as me ^^ and I usually don’t take well being like everyone else so today I created a new account on Pottermore and resorted myself! I know right?! Can you do that, is it allowed or is it more of an unforgivable?!? Sure, Harry did ask the sorting hat to put him in Gryffindor but I actually got sorted, stayed with that house for eleven months and now I’m thinking of changing. Still, I don’t know if I mentally can am I a Hufflepuff at heart already? I got sorted into Ravenclaw this time around and blue is so much better than yellow for my complexion! I need to research more to see where I fit in. I’m surprised I haven’t gotten Slytherin to be honest…

One thing that does seem to fit me though is my patronus! The question came up at the convent dinner too and my answer was that it would probably be a rat – and even Pottermore thinks so! Not the Pettigrew kind, more like the Death of rats of Terry Pratchetts Discworld kind. Rats are supersmart survivors but are still cute and fuzzy, I can identify with that. Maybe Ravenclaw is a better match then (being all smart and cunning and all). And me and bae would be in the same house ^_^


Death of Rats
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Breakfast in bed

Today bae woke me up with breakfast in bed, ah such a nice Saturday morning! We watched Bleach and cuddled. But I must admit, I’m not that much of a Bleach fan yet anyways. It’s such a Shounen anime! And guess what, I’m not a boy 😛 Ok, we’ve only seen like 10-15 episodes yet but I’m not shipping it, it’s just monsters and loud sounds. But, I also guess I will never get bae to watch a Shoujo anime so Bleach it is! Just another 324 episodes to go… Maybe in time there will be a little romance too, Inoue seems quite smitten ^_^


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With space or without?

Sometimes when I’m looking for an anime I can’t find it cause the name is translated differently, say with or without a space, eg. Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, or with the words in a different order, eg.  Diamond no Ace or Ace of the Diamond – which is the correct spelling/translation? I don’t know, I don’t know Japanese but maybe I should learn! At least the basics and what it looks like with Latin letters? I also get a little confused cause like with the baseball anime here I think one is translated while the other actually is the Japanese name in Latin letters…

Wake you up
Screenshot from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

The anime I’m watching at the moment is Diamond no Ace and it seems to have potential, I’ve just watched 4-5 episodes but I can see some ships sailing in ^_^ But when I started writing this post about the spelling and stuff I just had to rewatch Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, just an episode! Yeah right ^^ I’ve watched both seasons in a binge now… And then I started rewatching Super Lovers… How am I supposed to watch new animes when I go back to the old ones?!?

Super lovers
Cover for Super Lovers with Haru and Ren