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Stardew Valley

Bought my first game on Steam today, Stardew Valley, so hopefully now I can stop playing FB games ^^ Bae been sayin’ that forever anyways. I have one of this series on my 3DS but now also on the computer, couldn’t really understand the controls but I guess that’s what YouTube is for! Oh well, time to go to Grandma’s so more playing tonight!

Stardew valley


5 thoughts on “Stardew Valley

    1. For the 3DS I have Harvest Moon – The lost valley. I kinda like that one better except for the growing crops on different altitudes and therefore wanting to rearrange the whole court 😛


      1. Haha I heard about that. I love rune factory better than harvest moon but sucks there’ll never be another one! I hear the new story of seasons is meant to be good too, but it’s not out here yet


      2. Thx for the tip! Im waiting for Ever Oasis now tho, should be in my mailbox tmrw! But you were so right that time just disappeared when I played Stardew! ^_^


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