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Getting rid of old stuff


Trying to prepare myself with these TED talks about getting rid of stuff but I still feel like I’m throwing away money, even though I rationally realize I threw them away the moment I bought the thing.

I went through my memory box this weekend too, found some things I don’t remember so didn’t keep that! But also found funny old letters from my sister and other loved ones. And letters from Åsa, pictures of her wedding and thank you notes from her funeral. Emotional weekend to say the least! I kept the majority in there anyway.

Thing is I quite often regret getting rid of stuff too, like the washing machine we just sold. Regret it like hell. It felt like such a smart move, sell the one we had and let the one already installed in the new apartment be there. Just that the one we had where 10 times better! So now I have an crappy old machine and really miss the other one. Foresight would be such a blessing!

But of course there are also things I don’t even remember ever owning and then see in a photo and go like “wow, damn, did I wear that, what was I thinking?!”. So I’m still hesitant, keep or get rid of? “Use it or lose it” should maybe only be applied to clothes? Poor bae barely have any things at all left but he never really uses much stuff either! Me on the other hand… I hoard. Especially things to make into other things. But never do. But I could. If I was ever hit with a spree of inspirational creative energy I would be so sad if I didn’t have all these materials to turn into other useless crap that I’ve made myself! Ah, the dilemma! I better buy more stuff to replace all the old stuff I’ve gotten ridden of anyway. There, decision made, new stuff vs old 1-0.


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