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A good night

Work was work and work was ok. Then the plan was to go to the gym and on a meeting in the evening. Let’s just say I went straight home after work. However, bae was going for a run AND I JOINED!

Well, I didn’t really run but I jogged for 1,5 km before I walked home and he actually went for a run. But it was nice, we had quality time together and I didn’t die and all was well.

Then I continued to do things that made me feel fine! I crocheted and watched TEDx clips. So not only did I make a progress on my blanket (it’s really just started to not really a blanket just yet but you know, not really) – I even learned stuff! Like good stuff. I tie my shoe laces wrong apparently (the loop should go the other way around), the longest ejaculate was 8 feet, the up-suck theory wasn’t validated, there are plants that could oxygenate you if you lived in a corked up bottle, there are really smart shortcuts on all phones and computers that could save you seconds every day (!) and more such things, yeay! But, now it’s bed time 🙂

Selfie, trying out my new windbreaker from work

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