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Decluttering your wardrobe

Today I started my quest to declutter my wardrobe by combining several ideas I’ve found online on how. I watched this TEDx talk by  Jennifer L. Scott The ten-item wardrobe. She had some really good points and five questions to ask while sorting through your cloths:

  1. Does this fit me?
  2. Is this age appropriate?
  3. Is this my true style?
  4. Do I love this?
  5. Do I wear this?

So some items therefore went straight to the donation pile but other items I still felt a bit, hmmm about so I put a piece of tape with today’s date on it with the idea that if I still haven’t worn it in a year – it’s gone! “Use it or lose it”. Some of these more questionable items where packed in a bag to be stored at the back of the wardrobe til remembered… While other things, like all my leggings and stockings got a date but still get to hang at the front, just to see which ones I really use and which are just pretty but doesn’t go with anything.


I really do like the idea to just have a few selected quality items that you love, that fits you and that all goes together! It should make life so much easier, so why is it so hard? Is it cause I don’t have a style? I own too many cheap, just bought on a whim cloths and none of them fit together? Even so, it does feel rather bad to donate/throw away cloths barely used or “when I lose so and so many pounds this will look..” or if I did thing activity then these cloths would be just right… Jennifer is right though – the money isn’t thrown away when you get rid of the item – it’s already wasted the moment you bought it without further thoughts…

Bae would definitely give me all the money I’d want to go and buy a new wardrobe from scratch but I still lack a style and a know-how of what fits me ^^ Guess I need to get a personal shopper or a BFF for that huh?


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