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New character

I’ve played Pathfinder a couple of times now with some old friends and my sorceress is doing fairly ok (except for well entering a room and then getting the whole party wiped and the mission failed). She didn’t die though, two summoned eagles carried her away.


However, I always have a hard time matching my schedule with the rest so I would like to make a character that can come and go into the main campaign. Last time now the GM did a special side quest for me and some of the others made new characters to join but I feel it would be better to just play with the others.

So how can I do this? My first idea was to have a shape shifting druid that could become a bird or something and then join or disappear as needed? I would probably make that char an elf, say like 120 years old. Question then was what story to use for the coming and going. I was into something like divination, something holy, that my char joined this group of adventures when my deity wanted them to do or succeed in something special, for the great good. Or if a more neutral druid being interested in some sort of world balance hence killing the trolls…

Or if instead having a fetchling summoner that char could have her own little agenda or again some sort of devotion to a deity and having divine reasons for helping. I quite liked the fetchling and the shadow walking but I still quite like the being a bird idea. I also liked the idea of a shifter instead of a druid. So you see, I’m not really making any new characters here however I’m getting a headache from trying all different angles and figuring out the backstory before I start rolling the char itself. Cause then all the decision making comes along with which skills, spells, etc to choose!!

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This healthy business

Update on my health journey. I think it’s like when I run – you could easily walk past me… I think that’s my pace at the moment.


Problem seems to be the new routines, they’re not really routines yet but more like nice little guest plays in my every day life. I will however blame this tummy ache for not a single workout this week! But I can’t really blame the lack of evening routine on that, or not exfoliating or not eating the bestest. Even if that was mostly yesterday when me and bae watched Netflix, had a nice wine and binged sweets… Hey it was Friday 😛

Hopefully I feel full of energy this weekend though cause I have lots I wanna do and then next weekend we are going to the cabin and for the first time mom and grandma is joining! That’ll be something! I’ve been wanting to show them this piece of paradise for quite some time so I really hope they will like it ^_^

A little piece of heaven 


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Crochet bunny

So after some practice I actually got a bunny who looks like a bunny! This little one was given to bae’s sisters newborn, even though he’s not that little anymore (almost 1,5 yrs now) he still keeps his little bunny with him!

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Crochet earrings

I bought cheap earring hooks on eBay so I experimented a bit with different patterns to make these little projects. The flowers I left as they were but I wanted the star pointy so I stretched those soaked in glue and that worked! They are quite stiff but still hang nicely on your ear. Click on the links to get the pattern, they are in American English and a free pattern.

This heart pattern also turned out nicely so I made more of those. These little trinkets also make great gifts! For mum’s birthday I decoupaged a toilet roll as packaging:


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Crochet doily


Another project I’ve done, can’t remember what pattern I used but I usually go for free ones online so if I find the pattern I’ll update this post with it. I did stretch it later on to get the shape and pattern out better. Quite liked this one 🙂

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Midsommarfirande i Vadstena

NÀr man Àr sÄ utspridd som vÄr familj Àr dÄ fÄr man vara lite kreativ nÀr man vill umgÄs! Denna gÄngen (faktiskt första gÄngen) blev det en hotellnatt pÄ Vadstena klosterhotell ^_^

SĂ„, vi hĂ€mtade först upp mormor pĂ„ vĂ€gen och sedan mamma. Fick en rundtur av mammas nya lĂ€genhet ocksĂ„, nog Ă€r det en riktig lekstuga alltid! Efter kort paus dock for vi vidare till Vadstena, kom lite för tidigt för att checka in sĂ„ gick en svĂ€ng runt stan. Det regnade inte men shit assĂ„ vad det blĂ„ste! Burr! Vi knatade förbi nĂ„t traditionellt midsommarfirande medans vi Ă„t glass men nĂ€r vi sĂ„g tre regnomrĂ„den röra sig emot oss gick vi tillbaka till klostret och köra en afternoon tea istĂ€llet 😀

Slappade och hÀngde, snackade och hade trevligt, gick med pÄ en guidad tur med hela historien av hur Heliga Birgitta blev helig och grundade kloster. En period dÀr var lilla Vadstena rikaste klostret norr om Alperna! Lite coolt, 60 st inlÄsta nunnor drev 1100 gÄrdar, ugnar, gruvor, kvarnar etc. KvÀllen avslutades med en lite annorlunda 3-rÀtters midsommarsmiddag och en avec pÄ loftet.

Efter ytterligare en promenad i blĂ„sten pĂ„ lördag morgon sĂ„ fĂ„r vi norröver igen och var in och hĂ€lsade pĂ„ brorsan som precis köpt hus. Och alla hus behöver ju en liten mus sĂ„ hela veckan innan kĂ€mpade jag för att fĂ„ till en liten husmus, mönstret och hur det borde sett ut hittar ni hĂ€r. Den lilla flugan togs hĂ€rifrĂ„n. Brorsan verkade vĂ€ldigt stolt över nya huset och det med rĂ€tta, vilket slott – urtjusigt verkligen! Tror han och familjen kan trivas riktigt fint dĂ€r.

Husmusen Bobo
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Crochet piggy

So this is a prime example of something I’ve made that only my mother would find cute:

The pattern if from the book “Supersöta virkningar” by Brigitte Read, I did make another of her patterns:


But after that I kinda gave up. Bae wanted this one though so Dampe still lives with us. I have made quite a few more amigurumis so maybe I’ll give the patterns in the book another try, they really are supercute!