Crochet Amigurumi Owls


So I finished another owl today, think I liked my second try better but it’s still good fun to make them so might make even more! If not this exact pattern so definitely more owls ^_^ Link to free pattern here.


Afternoon walk

With the stress at work I really should workout more but at the end of the day there’s just no energy left 😦 Today though the weather was lovely so I actually managed to go for a walk when I got home. I didn’t manage to cook or clean but I crocheted a bit and put away the clean laundry – small victories!

Otherwise I must say I like walks. I remember when I was home burned out that the mandatory morning walk actually was quite nice. Also my best mindfulness practise. I had a small groove close to where we lived and walking there and just smelling, that was a sense I couldn’t affect so I just had to be. Sight, touch, taste – I could always categorize, compare, label so my brain kept working but with smell. I just couldn’t. I would walk there and like “jupp, smells like dirt” then take two steps and be like, hmm no wait, I sniff something different here. So usually I would just go and enjoy, sniff and breath deeply.

Today I try to either walk to wake up, walk for exercise or walk for some peace and quiet. Sometimes I listen to music of a podcast and sometimes I just am. Today I just enjoyed some happy tunes and maybe the last of the summer heat.

From an old mirror to a marvel

Or maybe not quite but there is a Marvel in the picture. I had this old wooden framed mirror that we didn’t have a use for anymore but instead of throwing the whole thing out I just got rid of the glass. Painted the frame and put some wallpaper on the back and voliá! A new wall art.


Crafting to relax

I knew work would be different after my vacation due to a reorganization but I never thought it would affect me so. I should have known, seeing how I don’t like change… Either way, I’ve been quite stressed and haven’t handled it too well so I went back to what calmed me down before – crafting.

And it still works. I get to be creative, I get to work with colors, I get to make something with my hands and it is damn impossible to willow in self-pity when you are counting stitches! Just sayin’.

So this week I’ve made some pouches and some dinos.

Free pattern from Elisabeth Andrée
Free pattern from Club Crochet

Hiking in Skaftafell National Park

When bff with bf had left and me and bae had had our wedding night it was time for a few days of honeymoon. When planning this whole trip this waterfall, Svartifoss, was the only request I got from bae so naturally I planned for us to go there. Reason for visit: it looked a bit like in Dragon Age: Inquisition, yes I knew I married a gamer 😛


Anyways, we drove up to the national park of Skaftafell, weather wasn’t too good but with rain gear on we started the S2 hike, about 5 km and we would pass some waterfalls and turf houses.

We parked at the information center and then hiked up route S2

The hike is easy, the trail wide and most is gravel. Some stairs. It seemed a lot of people just went up to Svartifoss and then back down the same way, we crossed the little bridge and walked to Sel instead with a stop at the top of the mountain to look out over all the rivers of meltwater from the glacier. Had it been a clear day I think the view would have been stunning!

Hue at Sjónarsker

On our way down to Sel we were almost alone, a rare occurrence in Iceland! Quite nice though. This part of the trail was also just an easy walk.

Sel farm house in Skaftafell national park, Selið in Icelandic

So you could enter these little houses which was really nice, lovely to get out of the rain for a minute and have a quick tea break. Walking back we took the trail rather than the road and then got clearer views of the other waterfalls: Magnúsarfoss, Hundafoss, Þjófafoss. Also, almost no tourists on this side of the river.


Once back at the camping and information center we had a toilet break and some lunch before we walked over to the glacier, following the easy part route S1 there and then taking the harder part of the same route on the way back.


I’ve actually never been on a glacier before and thought it mostly looked dirty? And also a little pitiful? Seeing as we had to walk quite the beach before we got up closer to the ice, it must have looked more impressive before it started melting. Here as well, most people seemed to stop at a viewing point before heading back. The lack of people could of course have been because of the weather but going to Iceland to hike? Come on, I had sort of planned for hail, snow storms and tornadoes… This little drizzle didn’t do much harm!*

Me and bae by Skaftafellsjökull glacier

So that was our day in Skaftafell national park! We both enjoyed it very much. My recommendation for this part of the country though would be to have more things planned since the long drive through the lave fields are quite boring actually. Also there aren’t that many places to stay. The two hotel nights we had in this area cost as much as the Airbnb for the first 5 nights I think, insane!

*Except that my rain gear wasn’t totally waterproof and chilled me quite badly so the day after I got fever chills and called my mother way too late in the evening when I though I was dying. Yes, I become like a middle-aged man when I’m sick 😛

Travelling with friends

So me and bae usually go on our own adventures even though we’ve been away a few times with family as well. Our trip to Iceland with my bff and her bf though was the first time we went away with another couple. Since we had separate rooms, I wouldn’t say it was any different besides getting to choose your company (we all have that annoying aunt…)(being one myself :P) Either way, this post will be a memorial to our lovely friends, thank you for being our witnesses and joining us for this epic trip we did 😛

For one thing, to get one good photo you usually need to take like a million bad ones..

Like taking odd photos with everyone’s mouth full
Having issues figuring out where the camera actually was ^^
Me missing bf in every first shoot
Don’t know whether him in the photo improved it though..
Playing Lemmings between the tectonic plates in Thingvellir
Being photo bombed by strangers with retard cars and slime sacks
Doing supercool things like going down a lava tunnel together
And actually getting one really nice photo of all of us. Please note I’m not the one handling the selfiestick ^^

A huge plus for me as well was that I had someone to do all the planning with, bff and me sort of have the same ideas about planning, so yes it got a bit out of hand for a while but in the end we did have a really lovely time together. If I get a saw I’d have her help me with all my travel plans, regardless if she’s joining or not 😛 😀 Love you A!


Views from a car window around Iceland

Yes I know, I’m over 30, my husband is a driving instructor and I still don’t have a driving license… But it does have its advantages when on a roadtrip around, in I must say, a gorgeous country! Namely the time I can spend looking at the scenery rather than the road ^_^

We drove mostly on road 1 (go figure huh?) around the south coast of Iceland with trips up around the golden circle and also more out on the peninsula under Keflevík and that area with all the lava fields. Here is a selection of my car window photos:

Hiking at Hjörleifshöfði

We had one of them tourist maps when we drove on the south coast of Iceland and it mentioned Hjörleifshöfði as a historical site worth stopping at. We had a shortened hike at Fjaðrárgljúfur so with time so spare we took the exit for a little detour.

View from Hjörleifshöfði towards Katla

So, Hjörleifshöfði or “Hjörleifur´s Headland” is a 221 m tuff rock that was once an island, today though you are able to drive around the whole thing since the ocean has withdrawn a bit. Me and bae went straight to the parking lot, took our picnic with us and then started on the hike. We saw a few other cars and like one other couple on the hills but all far away. After being on the Golden Circle this was a quite new and nice feeling. Having a piece of the country to our selves.

Looking at the map we followed the recommendation with walking clockwise, starting with the steepest part first

We did see a few more cars pulling over (I had to stop to “look at the view and breath heavily”) but most turned and drove around the island instead of walking up upon it. We didn’t mind. The trail was clearly marked and easy to follow (in the sense you couldn’t get lost).

The views were stunning! I wish we had had this weather the other day when we went to Skaftafell National Park but this was still a lovely surprise. At the top we sat down hiding from the wind, having a cuppa before writing in the guest book and following the trail down.

Hue paying his respect to Hjörleifur Hróðmarsson, the blood brother of Ingólfur Arnarson who was the first Viking settler of Iceland in year 874
I was so cold, thought the husband was trying to be macho with not even wearing gloves but it turned out I had fever chills… It was still a really nice hike!

On the way back down we walked by where the actual different farms had been. According to history there had been three different farms on the island, some dying out of people moving away by choice and others cause of the close by active volcano…

Hue sitting in one of the ruins

Once back in the car we drove out and around the rock, checked out the cave and looked at the gorgeous beach. Don’t try to drive all the way around though unless you have a car for river crossing.

Bit cold in the water but a nice view non the less

Non ID identification

I was thinking, when I’m out for a walk or a run I usually don’t bring my wallet so I don’t wear any identification on me. Say then that I’m in an accident and rendered unconscious – how will they find out who I am?

Then I got this idea – lost dogs and cats are often found wearing these little tags on their collars, well I don’t wear a collar but I do use the same shoes when I’m out so tada! ID tag on shoes! God, I feel so smart! I put my name, address and my husband’s name and phone number in there so if something happens they can know who I am and they can get in touch with my emergency contact ^_^ Didn’t cost more than 15 SEK either!

Hue the Flamingo

Before our trip to Iceland I wanted to get a mascot cause I usually take lots of nice landscape photos that I find really boring to look at once I’m home… So meet Hue, our flamingo. I don’t know what’s it with me and flamingos or why they are popular in general at the moment but either way, we got Hue.

Hue at the Diamond Beach by Jökulsárlón glacier

His name is pronounced after the sound it looks like he’s making – huh? So bit like a pokémon. Anyway, Hue likes adventures, nice afternoons with a cup of tea in the nest (a.k.a the couch) or just hanging around in the bookshelf with the whiskeys.

Needless to say that on our travels through the south of Iceland we had some photo opportunities. Hue is in a lot of them. So many in fact I got him his own Instagram account to not flood my own.

Hues tosie wosies by the hot spring river in Reykjadalur

Therefore when I go about writing my diary for our trip you will definitely come across a little pink fluffy flamingo and that’s Hue!