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Crochet Bunny for baby


So this lil bunny got a new home with E’s baby prince William, I really hope they will get along ^_^

Link to the free Ravelry pattern here.

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Still alive

No updates for two months, yeah well I guess I haven’t been in the mood of writing much. Still on Instagram though.

So what have I been up to? Pretty much just work, fanfics, workout and not much else. I’m in a bit of a down period again. Trying to get through that with sugar and exercise. And some BL Harry Potter ^^ I have huge plans for 2018 though, just watch and wait.

Today I also get to put up the christmas decorations seeing as it’s 1st advent tomorrow, that should lift my spirits a bit. Except for the curtains, I need to resew them to fit these curtain rails, hope to have grandma do that when she and mom visits in a couple of weeks ^_^



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Good girl

I’ve been such a good girl this weekend I just have to brag 😀 I can’t even remember when I got this much done. This weekend I have:

  • practiced driving, twice! But quite short..
  • baked a cake
  • cooked two stews in the crockpot, made a chicken wok, lovely pancakes and tacos – made these into lunchboxes and done, most, of the dishes
  • cleaned the bathroom including both the washing machine and the shower drain
  • bae and me have cleaned the rest of the apartment
  • we had company over for dinner
  • phoned bff, mum and grandma
  • crocheted an amigurumi
  • taken a exercise class
  • pumped my bike tires
  • done the laundry and put it away
  • made the bed
  • done the weekly shopping
  • updated the blog
  • finished watching my animes

and maybe something more but I get exhausted from just writing these. If this is what I need to do to feel accomplished, I understand why I feel so inadequate all the time… There really is no wonder why I got burned out ^^ But for now I’ll just live on this short but lovely high ^_^ and slowly die on the couch…


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Crochet: A little plant

My friend A just got her own place and what better housewarming gift than a plant! However, she is also going away for a couple of months so it should be a really low maintenance plant – so just guess what I made with my crochet hook?! A plant!

A cute little thing that can grow

So I found this perfect little pattern at Craftyiscool and set to work, I’m actually quite pleased with the turnout, hope A will like it too!

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Anime update

The last couple of weeks I haven’t really started watching any new animes, it’s been too much else going on with trips, Farmor’s funeral, work etc. Instead I’ve gone back to basics – Harry Potter fanfiction, now that’s my safe place. However I did want to catch up so last night I viewed all the latest episodes of my shows:

Boku no Hero Academia 2nd season
Tsurezure Children
Classroom of the Elite

One thing that struck me though was that I don’t like watching several different animes at the same time. I mean when I cruise for a new one, yeah sure, but last night no. Not having watched for a while I first had to get into the story again (I think I even had to go back an episode at one time to figure out the plot), remembering what I thought about it and all. Then when getting into it all again – it was finished. Not just the 2-3 episodes but the whole season – I felt robed! Usually I’d have a whole evening with one anime, it’d get nice and cozy you know. Not it was just over. AND that happened four times in a row! I was NOT pleased. That might have something to do with the unfinished plot lines too, I mean just cause the season is over the story is not. Maybe I will have to get the manga or there will be more seasons, we’ll see.

Me and bae are still watching Bleach though, now we are on season 4 and I really don’t like this story arc – I almost want to skip it but then I’m afraid I’ll miss a detail that will be referenced in the future – aarrgghh! We have less Bleach dates cause of this even…

I always get the outro song on my head though.. 

I will start watching more animes shortly I’m sure, Food Wars! season 3 premieres in just a couple of days, woop woop! But for now I’m happy with my fanfic and also some crochet actually. I’m not a dorky diva for nothing!

Mmm, Drarry ❀


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How NOT to celebrate Oktoberfest 

This summer when I was still waiting for my vacation I looked at my calendar and found the autumn to be very long. In spring there are lots of days off and long weekends but the fall has none of that! However, I did have some extra vacation days so I’ve made some long weekends. For September I took off to visit my friend M in Munich and celebrate Oktoberfest. Upon arrival Thursday afternoon we met up at the airport and went into town. The weather was cold and rainy and needless to say I was underdressed. So with this whole drindl shopping I was like no, nope that won’t happen! It’s expensive, I’ll never wear it again, I’ll freeze to death and so on. We came home empty handed.

We did photo the horny pig though so better luck next day?

For Friday M had some classes so I had a lazy morning to myself before I went in to meet up with her. We had lunch and a stroll in Olympia park, the weather was nice so I gave in and we actually went and got me a drindl. Evening was spent at the house with a homecooked meal and lots of talking. M is a really good cook and she’s a talker too 😉

Olympia Park in Munich

Then came the day of the opening of Oktoberfest! It’s a Saturday morning and we get up before 7 am. Breakfast, getting dressed and then heading out in the 12 degrees Celsius and rain. We got together with some classmates of M’s and started for the festival area. By now we were from three continents, spoke over six different languages and the time was still not 10 am. The area wasn’t very crowded yet, we didn’t really have a good idea for which tent to go for so when we came upon a line we figured this would be as good as any.

This is when we ran out of luck and the fun stopped (should have kissed that damn pig..) We stod there in the rain and wind for 2,5 hours before we gave up. By then the line behind us was gone, we never got in to see the mayor break the barrel, we didn’t see the parade, we couldn’t get in anywhere else so we still walked around cold and wet, hungry and I must admit more and more grumpy. When we later that night talked to M’s landlord all the things we had done by mistake shouldn’t have been possible to start with, the line should have been for the front gate and not the back so we would have been able to see the parade, the tent in is self should have let people in at 12 but again maybe we where just by the wrong door and no one told us..

Anyways, we split up for a while and I got some food in me, M played some games and won a teeny tiny Nemo – all happy again we found the others who had managed to get a table outdoors but under a heater and the rain had finally stopped so all was good. Here came my second mistake though (can’t even blame bad luck on this one) – if you don’t like drunk people when you are sober either don’t go to a beer festival or don’t stay sober. I did both. Still had a good time the first couple of hours but maybe not the last. By six pm I was quite ready to do something else and I was hungry again. We did get going, my friend maybe a bit more than the tipsyness she argued and here the evening took another turn for the worse. M lost her purse. We don’t know where but the guess is in the washroom and that the one who found it felt a need for it… Besides money there was also the housekey and her passport with all visas and such. So we started looking for the purse, back where it could have been lost, at the lost&found and then also reporting the missing passport to the police. During all this we still haven’t eaten, we are tired, my friend is drunk and my people skills suck so I don’t think I’m helping much. By 10 pm we are back home, let in by the houseowner and go straight to bed. What a day!

My beer is just a photo prop – you need to at least look like you’re at a beer festival..

Last day of my trip M is still feeling a bit under the weather, both for the loss of her passport and being a bit hungover. We basically chill the whole day, go for dinner before my flight and I have a delayed but uneventful journey home. So all in all I had a nice change of air, got to see and spend time with my friend who I hadn’t seen for years and learned how not to celebrate Oktoberfest. Lessons learned:

  1. Read up on how things work before going to the festival area, don’t trust hearsay and even if there are new rules which says no umbrellas – bring a crappy one to throw away if true, otherwise just stay dry
  2. Also decide which tent to go to, have a game plan set and stick to it, don’t stand in random queues
  3. If possible don’t go the first day at all, too much hype and people
  4. or go the first day to see the parade, the festival area and just walk around, if there is room in a tent – goody have a beer!
  5. Don’t buy your drindl the day before, all tourists coming in that day are all in desperate need of one and the lines in the shops are excruciating
  6. Equip your drindl like a pro, or local – wear the warm cardigan (so worth the extra €80), the woolen knee socks and the complementary purse – that purse will be aloud in the area so no need to wear say like a wrist purse…
  7. Leave all important stuff at home, bring cash only, glue the key into your bra or something and keep identification out, no one asked to see it anyways
  8. If you hate beer 1) either don’t go to a beer festival 2) drink anyway 3) drink wine? 4) just drink ok?!
  9. It’s Oktoberfest, in September, just have fun!

End note, M got her passport and housekey back but lost her cash and purse, I still say that’s a happy ending!

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Manga ‘A silent voice’

So not only have I started watching anime but I figured I should also give manga a try. However, if I hadn’t watched the x hours of anime first, even anime about manga, I don’t think I’d get much out of it. Last comic book I read was probably Bamse some time in the 90s so manga seemed a bit daunting at first hence the choice of one I knew there was an anime to that I’ve still to see. So if I’d just sit there and like whaaaat I could still get the story. Foolproof plan really. And it was! I’ve read the first two volumes and I like them! It’s a nice story, I think I can read the expressions to determine the mood and stuff even if I’m still a bit miffed about sounds in the background but I’ll get there. More info about the story can be found on MAL.


First two volumes – guess what I’m getting myself for christmas??